Sunday, May 22, 2011

Creativity + Memory -

Last Friday I listened to a very good talk by James Latham, Chief Marketing Officer at Open Text. One of his slides summarized a thing I have been thinking about, in a nice short way:

Creativity +

Memory -

In the information society we live in today, we have a lot of information available to us, literally at our fingertips. Using our computer or mobile phone we can easily look up the information we need at any time. This reduce the need to remember things (a very good thing for us with a bad memory). Moreover, the skills of being able to remember and collect large amounts of information become less important, while the skills of being creative and to evaluate and use the information, becomes more important. This can already be seen in the behavior of the younger generation, and it will continue.

When will education (and the selection for higher education) embrace this fully?

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